Waterford Meadows Board

All board members are volunteers. Job titles and duties are very flexible, and there is a great deal of cross-over among board members with each doing whatever is required to get the job done.​

All Waterford Meadows residents are welcome as potential Board Members/Officers. Those interested in serving should contact a Board member concerning participation.​

Current Board Members/Officers:​

Michelle Robinette- President

Conducts Board meetings and annual member meetings, prepares meeting agendas, letters

to residents and compiles annual report to residents, signs all written contracts and obligations.​

Robert Gutowski – Treasurer

Receive and keep account of and deposit all money received and prepares financial

statements for the Board. Also responsible for paying subdivision bills.​

Deborah Ivory – Secretary 

Keeps the meeting minutes for the board meetings and annual member meetings, make a

report to the members at the annual meetings and perform other duties as are incident to the

office or as prescribed by the Board of Directors.

  • You may announce your candidacy for any position desired at the annual meetings.​

Waterford Meadows Homeowners Association ( WMHA )

P.O. BOX 12

UNION LAKE , MI 48387-0012