Campfire Permits

Please go to Waterford Township Fire Department to Obtain your FREE permit.     

​Per the Waterford Township Website:

​Campfire Permits

The only open burning allowed by Michigan State Law in Waterford are campfires. A campfire is a small fire used for recreational purposes only and must be attended at all times. Prior to any campfire, a permit must be obtained from the Waterford Fire Department Headquarters during normal business hours of Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Anyone burning outside of the rules or without a permit may be issued a citation.​

Campfire permits are now permanent and are valid as long as you reside at the address listed on the permit. The applicant must either be the property owner or current resident. A valid state picture ID must be presented at the time the permit is issued which reflects the property address.​

These are residential campfire permits valid only for single or double residential properties. All others are by special permit only.​

If you no longer reside at the above property address, it is your responsibility to notify us to void your permit.

​Campfire Rules

The campfire must be 25 feet from any building and 15 feet from any property line.

No burning is allowed when the wind speed is greater than 15 mph.

The campfire must be extinguished before leaving it unattended.

The campfire must be small (bushel basket size) in a small pit (3’- 4’ in diameter), and only seasoned firewood can be used. No burning of leaves, brush, tree trimmings, yard waste or lumber! The campfire must be for recreational use only and may not be used for waste disposal of any kind.

The campfire is limited to a 4 hour period per day and your permit must be readily available when burning a campfire.

Should your telephone number or e-mail address change please notify the fire department referencing your permit number. If restrictions and/or other important information regarding your permit needs to reach you, we will use the information provided us.

There must be a garden hose available at all times.

If this permit is lost there will be a $5 replacement fee.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for manufactured fire pits.

Please be considerate of your neighbors!