All board members are volunteers. Job titles and duties are very flexible, and there is a great deal of cross-over among board members with each doing whatever is required to get the job done.

All Waterford Meadows residents are welcome as potential Board Members/Officers. Those interested in serving should contact a Board member concerning participation.

Current Board Members/Officers:

Michelle Robinette- President

Conducts Board meetings and annual member meetings, prepares meeting agendas, letters

to residents and compiles annual report to residents, signs all written contracts and obligations.

Email: / Phone: (248) 891-1854

Robert Gutowski – Treasurer

Receive and keep account of and deposit all money received and prepares financial

statements for the Board. Also responsible for paying subdivision bills.

Email: / Phone: (248) 413-7591

Stephen Adamczak – Secretary

Keeps the meeting minutes for the board meetings and annual member meetings, make a

report to the members at the annual meetings and perform other duties as are incident to the

office or as prescribed by the Board of Directors.

You may announce your candidacy for any position desired at the annual meetings.

Waterford Meadows Homeowners Association ( WMHA )

P.O. BOX 12

UNION LAKE , MI 48387-0012